Welcome to Wake Up 

an online group of Alcoholics Anonymous

Wake Up is an online, open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. We meet daily at 6:00 AM. Our primary purpose is to carry the message of recovery to those still suffering from alcoholism through working the 12 Steps of AA.

 Mtg ID: 325 679 027. Passcode: 925387.

Call: 1 346.248.7799. Mtg ID: 325679027. Press # to join.


*** Please note, you need to press * 6 to unmute if you're called on to share. ***

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Wake Up Guidelines

Welcome to Wake Up; we are glad you are here.

- Join us at 5:50 AM to connect

- The meeting starts promptly at 6:00 AM

- Please turn your video on during the meeting

- Once the meeting begins, kindly mute yourself unless you are sharing or reading

Have a great meeting.

Proof of Attendance

We are happy to validate your attendance at Wake Up. In order to receive proof of attendance, requests must be submitted by completing this form before the end of the meeting. You must include the email address or phone number that you used to log into the meeting, as well as the name you used onscreen during the meeting. If you called into the meeting, please put your phone number for "Name used..." You will receive proof of attendance at the end of the meeting via email.

Responsibility Statement

I am responsible, 

when anyone, anywhere, 

reaches out for help, I want

the hand of AA, always to be there. 

And for that: I am responsible. 

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Seventh Tradition

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